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Improve your veterinary hospital’s marketing and operations.


What is IntelliVet™?

Every phone call made to your hospital through your website and online advertising is recorded and analyzed. 

What makes it valuable? 

With all of this call data, we gain a window into how well your online marketing and hospital operations are working. We learn why appointments aren’t being made and can make powerful adjustments to both your marketing and operations to increase the rate of appointments being made.

Common reasons why callers are not turned into scheduled appointments include the following:

    - Long hold times
   - Rude employees  
   - The phone isn’t answered
   - The hospital is booked too far out
   - Online advertisements are misleading
   - Online advertisements are appearing to pet owners who are too far away from the hospital

Every week a report is sent to you or your hospital's manager that lists all of the callers who were interested in scheduling an appointment and why they didn’t. 

Another live report is always available for you to access that displays how many calls featured rude employees, unhappy customers, and calls that went unanswered during your hospital’s hours of operation.

"This is great and immediately helpful."

Seth Fox | Area Manager | Wagly Inc.

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